Group hug

At my Coffee Talk reading yesterday I stressed the value of artists’ groups. Maybe because creating art is such a solitary effort, I think it’s important to get together with other artists and like-minded folks. Sharing information and experiences can be invaluable. I’ve joined several writers’ groups since I started writing, and have always been attracted to other kinds of artists’ groups as well. Most of my family members have been artists of one kind or another, and my list of artistic friends is a mile long. It’s no accident the pursuit of art is often a theme in my writing.

I attend as many workshops, seminars, webinars and such as I can, and never leave without at least one precious nugget of information. I shared this tip with the group yesterday–gleaned from a writer I met in a group in Phoenix: Use your phone case to promote your work. It might start a conversation or two about your art; at the very least, it will put a smile on your face.

susan the vampire phone case

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