After living in Los Angeles and working as a model and commercial actress for nearly three decades, I returned to the mountains of North Carolina where I’d grown up, and declared myself a writer. I’d earned an English Lit degree early in life with the hope of writing someday, and that someday had arrived.

Little did I know I’d not only landed in “the writingest state,” but also in a community rich in literary history and full of writers. I became a Tryon writer.

I’d been writing and sharing fanfiction online for a few years, and through those connections, found a publisher for my first book, Drop Dead Gorgeous, an adult vampire romance. My new Tryon friends helped me celebrate with a book launch party, signings and readings.

I started writing for local magazines and was thrilled the day I was offered a weekly newspaper column. I wrote “Tryon Diary” for the Tryon Daily Bulletin (under my other name, Susan McNabb) for a year before my husband and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, for his new job. I published the columns in a book, The Complete Tryon Diary, and now send “Postcards from Phoenix” to the paper when I can.

Once I landed in Phoenix, I got back to writing fiction. While I wrote The Vampire of Waller County, my talented artist brother, Corey McNabb, painted a portrait of my main character which would become my book cover.

While in Phoenix, I joined the Desert Rose chapter of Romance Writers of America, and continue to be a member of Tryon Writers, spending my summers in Tryon when I can.


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