After living in Los Angeles and working as a model and commercial actress for nearly three decades, I returned to the mountains of North Carolina where I’d grown up, and declared myself a writer. I’d earned an English Lit degree early in life with the hope of writing someday, and that someday had arrived.

Little did I know I’d not only landed in “the writingest state,” but also in a community rich in literary history and full of writers. I became a Tryon writer.

I’d been writing and sharing fanfiction online for a few years, and through those connections, found a publisher for my first book, Drop Dead Gorgeous, an adult vampire romance. My new Tryon friends helped me celebrate with a book launch party, signings and readings.

I started writing for local magazines and was thrilled the day I was offered a weekly newspaper column. I wrote “Tryon Diary” for the Tryon Daily Bulletin (under my other name, Susan McNabb) for a year before my husband and I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, for his new job. I published the columns in a book, The Complete Tryon Diary, and now send “Postcards from Phoenix” to the paper when I can

Once I landed in Phoenix, I got back to writing fiction. When I wrote The Vampire of Waller County and Christmas in Waller County, my talented artist brother, Corey McNabb, painted portraits of my characters which would become my book covers.

While in Phoenix, I joined the Desert Rose chapter of Romance Writers of America, and continue to be a member of Tryon Writers, spending my summers in Tryon when I can.


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