Hogback Series:

Step into quaint, historic Hogback, North Carolina, and meet the fine folks supporting their town and each other, and maybe hoping to sink their fangs into your neck in this contemporary series of suspenseful small-town capers with a touch of sweet romance and humor.

Book 1: The Vampire of Waller County

The Vampire of Waller County cover final smallerWhat if a single injection could turn humans into vampires? And what if that drug fell into the hands of a devious man bent on creating his own army of monsters?

Dr. Jim Samuels sets his sights on the sleepy town of Hogback, North Carolina, tucked into the picturesque foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He’s counting on finding the kind of simple-minded fools he needs to execute his plan, but he’s dead wrong.

When Nathan Waller interferes with the doctor’s evil scheme, he puts everyone he loves in danger. Can he save sweet Holly McReady in time? Can he step up to be the hero of Waller County? Can he do it in wet pajamas and Big Foot slippers?

Halloween in Hogback will never be the same, and neither will Nathan Waller.

Such a great start to this series! The prose is almost poetic, it is so beautiful. The story of sweet Nathan will hook you from the start. Can’t wait for the next installment! –Mel C on Amazon


L.A. Vamps Series

Meet the L.A. Vamps, Suki’s nest of hunky vampires roaming the streets of contemporary Los Angeles looking for a bite and maybe true love in this suspenseful adult series.

Book 1: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous ACTUAL cover 2016 25 percent in size

Derek Randall had a perfect life as an L.A. supermodel falling in love with Clara Devereux, his dream girl. But when he’s murdered and becomes a vampire, his world is turned upside down by his evil maker, Madeline. He struggles with his new existence, finds help from his nest of brothers, and goes to Clara. They renew their love and hatch a plan that will get him back in the modeling spotlight, but it’s a dangerous game, and as Madeline circles closer, Derek has to choose: his life or Clara’s.

“There’s love, lust, angst, danger, and heartbreaking sacrifice amidst Los Angeles modeling scene, and it makes for an incredibly fun ride!”   –ysar, Fic Central

“Drop Dead Gorgeous is a quick, fun, action-packed read I highly recommend. It features a new, fresh take on vamps, filled with smut and suspense. I can´t wait to read the sequel, Die Laughing!! ” –Linda, Read Our Lips! Blog
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